Introductory Blog

My Name:

I just wanted to introduce myself, and talk about my plans for this blog. My name is Miqueen (my queen) my name gives me a weird sense of individuality JUST because of how different it is. I used to hate it and I still get annoyed with the “lightening McQueen” jokes 😭 My dad named me he wanted me to have a powerful name, where on the other hand my mom wanted to name me Mary Jane. That’s all I know about my name. Y’all can always ask questions if there’s anything I left out, that you’d like to know about it.

My Plans For this Blog:

Ok well i don’t really know what I’m doing, but I love to write/Talk. So right now this seems like a great way to express myself. This is basically going to be me ranting about topics i pick up on social media. If people happen to find my views interesting, I’ll start answering questions and sharing my opinions that others want to hear my view on. Which I think would be great. So now I’ll talk about things that pertain to me, like how school is going, different things I’ve tried on my hair (trying to find the right hair care routine) and etc. I also want to give advise because I love helping people, so that’s a thing. I just want to talk to you guys pretty much.


So I’ll go more in depth in another blog about exactly what my life goals and resolutions are for this year, but for now I’ll give a basic overview. (Also want to keep an update on all my goals as I accomplish them) Anyways, I’m in school for psychology. I’ll be receiving my AA in May and then go on to get my bachelors and I do plan on going to medical school after to get my MD. (Stay tuned) I love to write so being an author is also a plan. So at the moment my two long term goals are to 1. Become a psychiatrist and 2. Become a best selling author.

Life NOW

At the moment life is extremely boring. So I’m going to San Bernardino Valley college, transferring to a HBCU for fall 2019. I work full time as a secretary at a construction company. And I eat a lot and watch hulu. That’s IT. I want to of course start working out (like everybody else the first two weeks of January) let’s hope I stick with it. I have 5 sisters so I’m never really bored. And yes I still live with my dad. I’m thinking this will be a once every week posting each week a different topic. So that’s my life now.